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Assistance Dog Gear

To ensure our products go to legitimate teams, we have a thorough vetting process, and so, we do not have our Assistance Dog specific gear, such as vests and harnesses, readily available on the web store.

If you're an Assistance Dog team who require a vest or harness, please contact us via Instagram, Facebook or email (bugspetboutique@gmail.com) to begin the process. Once you have been vetted and approved, you will be provided with a custom product listing to place your order with.

We have criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for the purchase of Assistance Dog gear.



Companion dogs are pet dogs and do not have Public Access Rights.

Although Pet Dogs are great for Emotional Support, and do good work within the home, they are not medically required nor specially trained.


Assistance Dogs are highly trained medical equipment.

They undergo intensive training, usually over a 2 year period, and are task trained to alleviate the handlers disability. ADs are required to meet the highest level of training, as well as hygiene standards.

Psychiatric Assistance Dogs are not emotional support dogs.

 Assistance Dogs are protected under the Disability Discrimination Act, which is federal law.


Under Federal Law, businesses are allowed to request evidence of training.

We require the same to ensure we are only giving AD gear to legitimate teams.

We have the right to ask for evidence under section 54 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

The evidence supplied will be kept confidential, and our team will assess your eligibility against our criteria, which is listed below.