Due to a crazy influx of orders during the COVID-19 Pandemic, our orders are currently closed while we catch up! Keep your eyes open for the store re-opening, as well as new product launches and new collections dropping, this summer! Stay a while, have a look around, but please note the checkout will be disabled until we re-open our store 🖤

Who Are We?

Bug's Pet Boutique started as a way to keep busy, but it very quickly snowballed into this community, and a way kindness is spread.

When we first opened, in February 2019, there was just one of us. A sole creator, just looking to help people turn their dream gear into a reality, but in September of 2020, we added 3 more humans to the team!

Our team consists of 4 humans, who are wonderful and kind. We work with a wide range of people and animals, and our customer base is worldwide.


Meet the Team!

Charliee & The Mob of Mutts.

Bug's Pet Boutique was Charliee's brain child and it began as just bandanas for dogs.

Charliee is Autistic and suffer with Mental and Chronic Illnesses. They started Bug's as a way to keep busy. In July of 2018, Lucy came into Charliee's life.

They already had 2 other dogs, but Lucy was on death row and the 2 had a wild connection. Fast forward to now, Lucy is now Charliee's trained Assistance Dog. in February of 2019, Charliee made Lucy a working vest, because they were not able to afford the custom gear they craved. Naturally, Charliee posted a photo on instagram and it BLEW UP. People kept urging them to start a shop, so they shot their shot, and took a wild leap of faith.

Charliee has since created working gear for working dogs all over the world, as well as providing high quality pet gear to so many lovable furiends, even given the opportunity to make a collar for a pig!

Charliee cares for a large pack of (mostly rescues), which includes 4 dogs, 2 cats and a rainbow lorikeet!


Mez & Storm, Nae & Koira, Sheena & Abby

Mez and Storm joined the team in September 2020, but they have been supporters of Bug's Pet Boutique since the beginning.

A dedicated friend, and loyal customer, Mez is part of the wonderful admin team who make sure that you are taken care of